• Keynote Speaker
    Dr Hussein al-Shahrestani
    Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq for Energy Sector

  • Dr Thamir Ghadhban
    Chairman of the Advisory Commission to the Prime Minister

  • Ahmed al-Shamma
    Deputy Minister of Oil

  • Dr Kamal H Latif
    Deputy Minister of Environment


Iraq Refineries 2012 is the first major international conference and exhibition focused entirely on refinery industries in Iraq.

Following the tremendous success of Iraq Mining 2011, we are delighted to bring together key Iraqi decision-makers, ministers, deputies and advisors to exchange with senior executives of major international companies and investment organisations.  Focus will be on creating venture and investment opportunities in refineries and their related industries in Iraq.

The Aim

Iraq Refineries 2012 will facilitate constructive dialogue and exchanges between all the key players for rebuilding world-class refinery industries in Iraq.

The Objectives

  • To discuss opportunities for developing the refining industries in Iraq.
  • To create a platform for linking foreign investors with specific projects and investment proposals in refineries in Iraq.
  • To present existing infrastructure in refineries and explore mechanisms for upgrading these industries and expanding on abundant local assets.
  • To foster collaboration and cooperation between Iraqi and international industries and investment organizations through direct talks with Ministers, Deputies, Senior Advisors, Parliamentarians, and Director Generals of the relevant industries.

Key Topics

  • The future outlook for refineries in Iraq
  • Major opportunities for investment
  • Existing infrastructure and logistics
  • Strategies of the Ministry of Oil as regards to refineries.
  • Business in Iraq – the ins and outs.






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